Welcome to the Monticello Community Surgery Center

Greater quality. Lower cost.

Our award-winning, physician-owned Ambulatory Surgery Center, with transparent surgery pricing is located in a modern, AAAHC Accredited facility just 15 minutes from downtown Charlottesville, Virginia.

We know we can’t take away all the anxiety associated with your surgery.

But we can give comfort at a stressful time—plus the comfort of thoughtful specialists, skilled anesthesiologists, and an intimate community setting. With four operating rooms, one procedure room, and a caring and passionate staff, Monticello Community Surgery Center exists to care for patients like you.

Here, you’ll meet the same experienced surgeons who practice at area hospitals.
But they come here to revolutionize healthcare from the inside out.


In our annual 2016 survey, 100% of our patients would come back to Monticello Community Surgery Center in Central Virginia. 100% would recommend the center to a friend.


In 2014 and 2015 we had zero reportable surgical infections. National averages range from less than 1% to as high as 8.8%.

AAAHC accreditation

MCSC has held the national AAAHC accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Centers since its inception. This Accreditation recognizes our continued high performance and commitment to the most rigorous safety and quality standards in the U.S.  

Faster, Easier Recovery

Our patients are considerably more likely to receive modern alternatives to heavy general anesthetics, such as regional anesthesia. Depending on the procedure type, patients at MCSC sleep comfortably during the procedure but wake up more refreshed and alert. This results in lower-than-average rates of post-operative nausea and quick, comfortable discharges.

MCSC performs below or at the median for major complications, as measured by the National Safety Indicators for Ambulatory Surgery Centers.


Our Revolutionary Network

We’re active proponents of health care reform, which is why we’ve created this community center and our Patient-Centered network seal. Learn more about our network and about our current partners.



Transparent Pricing

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everyone was so pleasant and focused on my comfort.

I had such a great experience when I came for my procedure today! Everyone, from the smiling receptionist to each and every nurse, to the doctor herself, was so pleasant and focused on my comfort. It’s easy to be stressed about a procedure like this yet everyone there put me at ease and treated me like family. I would definitely come to the Monticello Community Surgery Center again – knowing I would get such high quality care. Thank you for all you do!